About, Cindy

I’m Cindy Pearson Cole. I’m a Wisconsin-born Iowa Midwesterner with Arizona roots; I’m a daughter, friend, wife, mom, stepmom, and grandma. I am a writer, editor, and mediator, in sum a creative and helper type. For many years I worked as a major magazine food editor and with a bunch of celebrity chefs. Ha! All of it was fun and gave me a great perspective on how we all do food. I’ve worked in healthcare, home and garden arts, even fashion for a blink, and human services. I love adventuring outdoors, or sinking deep into a project when it’s wickedly cold outside, which it is right now. When I get interested in something, that means delving into a tall stack of library books, lengthy internet searches, and seeking out others to talk with about their experience.  Through On Finding Good Food and Health,  I hope to share with others and learn more, too.

To read about how my husband and I made the shift to whole-foods, plant-based eating, see From Eggs ‘n Cheese to Plant Foods and Personal FAQ, both under the About tab.








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