Welcome to On Finding Good Food & Health!  I’m so glad you popped in.    When I happened across a way of eating – a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) diet – that produced better health, vitality, and easy weight management I was so relieved!

Cindy in Eat Plants T

I was also confused.  What the heck do we eat?  How do we prepare it?  What do we eat away from home?  At the time, no one I knew ate this way, and my every question was followed by another.

The answers now seem simple,  but when you’ve been searing pork chops for dinner, slapping together turkey-and-cheese sandwiches for lunch, and frying eggs for breakfast – just as I was for decades – doing anything different felt daunting.  I read books, combed websites, watched movies and videos looking for recipes, advice, and information.

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On Finding Good Food & Health is my way of jumping in to help others, stir the conversation, keep learning, and between us all, to create more health.  Click the menu bar and learn more about me, about why and how we made the diet shift, tips for getting started, and resources in documentary movies, books, websites and key plant-based health leaders.  There’s lots going on here; check out the Products – Services – Projects page to see what’s cooking.  Who knows, maybe we could work together?!?

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Cindy Pearson Cole

P.S. The content presented on this site and blog represents my personal experience and findings.  I am not a physician or expert.  The decision to use or act on anything I present here is your decision.  Of course, you know this.

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