Thomas Robinson – Des Moines, Iowa: Now Sober, Plant-Based, Down 80+ Pounds and Up on Life

Thomas Robinson, Before and After

“I went vegetarian for my girlfriend.  In 5th grade!” says Thomas Robinson.  And he stuck with it for the most part, until during a deep dive with drugs and alcohol, he ate a cheeseburger and decided he wanted more of that stuff too.  That dive, describes Thomas, was rough.  Thomas…

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Margeaux Spain – Des Moines, Iowa: Persistent Breast Lumps Disappear, Weight Drops, Allergies and Breakouts Subside

“Being plant-based feels good; it’s rewarding. I loved food before, but eating the standard American diet (SAD) created so many distracting issues which were a total downer. I still love food, in fact it’s more fun. I can eat tasty food until I’m satisfied. My food has me in good health. It’s a joy, relief, and total win.”

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