NEW! Iowa’s Own Plant-Based Success Stories

Across the country, people are discovering the power of a whole-food, plant-based diet. Iowans are among them, discovering that what a person eats does indeed matter when it comes to health and well being.

This page is devoted to Iowa-based stories, and we’re just getting started in making them well known. Scroll down to see how your fellow Iowans are finding food to be their first tool in defending and reclaiming their health.

Do YOU have a plant-based success story with an Iowa angle that you’d like to share? Do you know someone whose story you’d like to see here? Contact me at [email protected] or on Facebook messenger. I’d love to hear it! Cindy Pearson Cole

Iowa’s Own Plant-Based Health Success Stories


Thomas Robinson – Des Moines, Iowa:
Now Sober, Plant-Based, Down 80+ Pounds, and Up on Life

Janelle Hall – Urbandale, Iowa:
Reverses Diabetes, Gains Energy, Sheds Weight

James Hershbarger – LeClaire, Iowa:
Reverses Kidney Disease, Migraines, Weight Issues

Margeaux Adams Spain – Des Moines, Iowa:
Persistent Breast Lumps Disappear, Weight Drops, Allergies and Breakouts Subside

Esther Paine – Urbandale, Iowa:
Entire Family Adopts WFPB Diet to Support Brother’s Leukemia Recovery

Del Preston – Bettendorf, Iowa:
Sheds 70 Pounds, 8 Meds, Speeds Athletic and Major Surgery Recovery

Teri Preston – Bettendorf, Iowa:
Sheds Pounds, Takes No Meds, Recovers Quickly, Travels Smart

More to come!


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