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Here’s what I’ve got going right now, as of April 5, 2020, which is in midst of COVID-19 pandemic, with everyone doing social distancing to stop the viral spread.

  • Plant-Based Peek classes for those wanting to get acqainted with the whys, how-tos, and benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet, whether aiming to go all or something. Variety of formats, including social-distancing format. Want to know more? Drop me a line at [email protected]
  • Success Stories of people turning their health around with whole-food, plant-based diet exist aplenty. I’m aiming to boost the number of such Iowa-based and Iowa-rooted stories, giving the potential of this approach a local spin.
  • Incubator project. An action-based, goal-oriented group working to make optimal health outcomes via diet better known, better supported across the state. Want to know more or join in? Let me know at [email protected]

    There’s more to do … holler and let’s do it together!

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