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Many of the websites mentioned on the Websites & People page are fabulous sources of recipes. I’ve worn a deep path pulling recipes from the McDougall site, for example. However, there are lots of websites and blogs – run, and cleaned up after by just one ordinary-ish person and a helper or two – sharing their awesome, whole-foods, plant-based, oil-free recipes. Those mentioned here are those that we lean on.

Note: Many of these smaller-operation recipe-crafting websites accept donations. If you try a recipe and like it, please consider dropping some cash their way. Seriously, if everyone dropped a dollar or two onto the plate of a recipe maker whose work was enjoyed, it would be right, kind and helpful. 

Straight Up Food: Healthy Eating You Can Live With is Cathy Fisher’s site, on which she shares delicious sugar- and salt-free recipes. We love many of them, including her Beef(less) Stew (made with portabella mushrooms), Clamless Chowder, and Tu-No Casserole. Cathy has taught plant-based cooking for Dr. McDougall’s programs and for True North Health Clinic.

Brand New Vegan is Chuck Underwood’s space, from which he shares his version of much-loved favorites. His recipe for Cauliflower Taco Filling captured our attention, and his Black Bean Sloppy Joes helped us through a mega family reunion.

Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen – is Vicki Brett-Gach’s platform from which I found my (hers) blessed Colcannon recipe. Who knew potatoes and cabbage were such a magical pairing? I know, I’m late to the party. We’ve also made her Spicy Three-Bean Chili countless times; it’s a dish from which you can sate your whim for chili and barbecue simultaneously.

Fatfree Vegan – is Susan Voisin’s perch from which she a maintains a collection of over 1400 low-fat vegan recipes sent in by hundreds of people. The German-Style Potato Salad recipe she shares is one that non-veggie family has requested after enjoying it. Her Comeback Sauce recipe has claimed wonder-sauce status in our home. I make it with white beans (versus tofu and cashews) for a lower fat value.


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