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Plant seeds of thought, stir conversation and carry the message forth with T-shirts, totes, mugs, magnets, and more.

headless eat plants 4 mp

Encouraging, inclusive, and informative, that’s Eat Plants for the Win design! Celebrate the triple-win power of eating plants – health and well-being for all, people, planet, and animals – with this friendly and important message. I wanted a design that would plant seeds of curiosity about plant-based eating, make room for everyone to join in, and make clear its far-ranging impact. Here you go!
Colors … The design is luminescent on black, navy, purple, it’s lively on rainbow food colors such as green, royal, pink, yellow, and orange, and beautifully subtle on olive and pale blue.
If you’d like something you don’t see here, please message me!
All three online stores below sell Eat Plants for the Win in a range of Ts, long-sleeved versions and hoodies for women/men/children in a range of colors, as well as mugs, totes, magnets, and more. I’ll add photos of Eat Plants for the Win gear in action shortly.

Eat Plants TP Tote

Here is where to shop and purchase this designs:

Cindy Pearson Cole at TeePublic store, click here.
Distinction: Teepublic has terrific prices on all the Eat Plants for the Win items mentioned above, and great sales. They also have Ts in heather hues. NOTE: Presently, you cannot go to TeePublic directly and search for my storefront or Eat Plants for the Win. Grrr. Use the TeePublic link, above.

Cindy Pearson Cole at, click here.
Distinction: Fullest range of Eat Plants for the Win gear. Greeting cards, journals, on all the standard fare, and then some.

Cindy Pearson Cole at, click here.
Distinction: Full range of Eat Plants for the Win gear and totes in several shapes and sizes. I especially like the grocery tote.


Check out Plantiful, Joshua and Margeaux Spain/Plant-Fueled Passion‘s ebook of 50 vibrant, plant-based, unprocessed recipes made without gluten, sugar, or oil. Color photos throughout for most recipes. Illustrations, too. It’s a lovely choice if: you’re plant curious, you want to add healthful recipes to your repertoire, you need a stash of recipes with which to feed your plant-based friends, or, you’re plant-based yourself.
Note: Margeaux and Joshua are my daughter and son-in-law.

Click here for Plantiful.

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