Thomas Robinson – Des Moines, Iowa: Now Sober, Plant-Based, Down 80+ Pounds and Up on Life

Thomas Robinson, Before and After

“I went vegetarian for my girlfriend.  In 5th grade!” says Thomas Robinson.  And he stuck with it for the most part, until during a deep dive with drugs and alcohol, he ate a cheeseburger and decided he wanted more of that stuff too.  That dive, describes Thomas, was rough.  Thomas…

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Holiday Herbed Pumpkin-and-White Bean Casserole

Aromatic parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme figure prominently in this creamy and hearty holiday casserole which originated from Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen Susan Voisin’s chile-and-cumin spiced Pumpkin and Black Bean Casserole.  Erin loved the textures in Susan’s casserole and suggested we swap the bean variety and seasonings for a holiday version…

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How About Some Vegan Chile Rellenos?

Basket of fresh-picked Anaheim peppers in hand, my sweetie was eager for the deep, hot flavor of roasted chiles today. “Got any recipes?” he asked. I didn’t, but Chuck Underwood at Brand New Vegan did. “More of an idea than a recipe,” his website reads. Spoiler alert: Tonight’s dinner was a…

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