Easy Roast Veggie Miso Soup

At my core, I’m a lazy cook. You?
I like good food, easily prepared. Especially after a long weekend away, and arriving home at dinnertime. And, after that weekend away, I was eager for simple. Plant-based, light, and oil-free. Restorative. Yes, miso soup!

Onions, garlic, mushrooms, sweet potatoes prepared for roasting

Roasting your soup veggies means you’re free to do something else while they’re in the oven.

Instead of sauteing the veggies, I prepared them to oven roast while I did other things, like unpack. I sliced an onion in half and lengthwise, sliced about 2 ounces of mushrooms found in the fridge, chopped a whopper-size sweet potato (yam? I never remember the difference when they’re on the counter) into match-stick dice, and arranged it all on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, tossing on four full cloves of garlic, too.
The vegetables went into the oven, 375 F for 25 minutes, during which time I took care of other chores, and, filled a pot with 6 cups water, brought that to boil and whisked in 6 teaspoons of light miso, then turned off the heat. Also in the pot: a thumbs’ worth of chopped ginger … just the scent of it makes a person feel better. Some folks make the miso soup base in a more complicated way, but this works for me.
When the veggie timer went off, I pulled the veggies from the oven and nibbled a bit of roast onion. Yep, the high heat had brought out it’s sweetness. I dropped all the veggies into the pot, stirred lightly for a few minutes, then ladled the soup into bowls. I had one bowl without Sriracha, another dotted with it. Both were delicious. Yield? 6 bowls of soup.

Matchstick cut sweet potatoes add heartiness to a light soup.

Drop the roasted vegetables into the hot miso base, stir, and serve.

Miso soup with Sriracha

Dot your soup with Sriracha, it’s good with, and without.











Try it, enjoy!

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